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RN Post Graduate Cardiac Residency Description

About MCHP's RN Post Graduate Cardiac Residency Certificate Program

The goal of the Cardiac Nurse Residency program at MCHP is to facilitate the professional development of quality nurses in evidence-based cardiovascular nursing practice. The focus of the 12-week residency program is to enable highly-qualified, newly graduated registered nurses to transition into the acute care environment as professional practitioners of safe, specialized cardiac care. 

The Cardiac Nurse Residency program provides a model of preceptorship and mentorship that includes education in cardiovascular nursing care, a guided clinical experience facilitated by the program coordinator, and clinical care in a supportive learning environment with a primary nurse preceptor.  Mentorship with a unit-based experienced nurse will continue for 1 year.  A professional development plan will be developed based on an assessment of the nurse resident's learning needs related to cardiac nursing care, assessment, clinical, communication, and critical thinking skills.

Program Content:

• Cardiac Assessment
• Cardiac Medications
• Rhythm Recognition/Telemetry
• 12 Lead ECG interpretation
• Pacemakers
• Evidence Based Practice


• Classroom
1. Lecture 
2. Power Point presentations
3. Group discussion
4. Quizzes/Exams
5. Project preparation


• Simulation

• Online
1. Canvas- Learning Management System (LMS)

** An absolute requirement of the cardiac residency program is related to after-hours studying and homework. To successfully complete the program, the resident will be required to fulfill the role of an adult learner. Therefore, all residents are expected to make the time to study the course content related to the residency program.


• BKAT Exam
• ECG test
• Cardiac Assessment Quiz
• Med Math Exam
• Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire
• Simulation Testing
• Evidence-Based Practice Project
• Monthly residency vignettes- 500-word reflective vignette describing your perceptions, challenges, and feelings related to your experience in the Cardiac Residency Program.
• On-going formative evaluation: Faculty/Coordinator will meet with preceptor/resident for ½ -1 hour every week (based upon the resident's individualized schedule).


• Michael Boutin RN, CCRN
• Michael Boucher MSN, RN