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The Central Maine Medical Center College of Nursing and Health Professions (CMMC CONHP) is a private, not for profit institution of higher education with no religious affiliation. The College is located in Lewiston, Maine with clinical affiliations at healthcare institutions throughout Maine.


The College's Mission is to develop leaders in nursing and allied health professions.


The College's Purpose is to graduate an educated person.

Educated Person

CMMC CONHP is committed to graduating a person whose educational program is balanced in the three primary domains of knowledge; arts and humanities, sciences, including mathematics, and the social sciences.

The Central Maine Medical Center College of Nursing and Health Professions believes that being an educated person means a commitment to lifelong learning, finding joy in expanding ideas, creativity and critical thinking.

An educated person is one who has acquired knowledge, skills, and abilities, which will allow them to be successful in a variety of roles. All members of the CMMC CONHP community commit to the following criteria, which we feel define an educated person.

An educated person:

  • thinks critically and analytically

  • is able to locate, evaluate, and use relevant information effectively

  • integrates and synthesizes knowledge

  • demonstrates, by moral and ethical behavior, the values of integrity, responsibility, perseverance, tolerance of ambiguity, and appreciation of diversity

  • demonstrates self-confidence, strives for emotional maturity, and values personal competence

  • appreciates the importance of the fine and performing arts

  • communicates and collaborates on a level that will facilitate the ability to work in the local community, nationally, and globally

  • participates in service activities which results in a positive impact on the community

  • values lifelong learning and influences others to pursue education

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