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Nursing Program - Program Objectives

The graduate of the Nursing Program has been prepared to demonstrate the knowledge, concepts, and skills necessary to function as an advanced beginner:

I.  Professional Behavior:

  • Practice within the ethical and legal framework.
  • Promote high standards of nursing practice.
  • Assess and take action to meet the need for self-development and life-long learning.
  • Demonstrate accountability for nursing care given by self and/or delegated to others.
  • Protect confidential information.

II.  Communication:

  • Utilize therapeutic communication skills when interacting with clients and families
  • Communicate relevant, accurate and complete information in a concise and clear manner using appropriate channels.

III.  Assessment:

  • Assess the impact of developmental, emotional, cultural, religious and spiritual influences on the client’s health status.
  • Assess the client’s health status by performing a physical, cognitive, psychosocial and functional assessment.
  • Assess the strengths, resources and needs of clients within the context of their community.

IV.  Clinical Decision-making:

  • Make clinical judgments and management decisions to ensure accurate and safe care.
  • Analyze and utilize assessment data to plan care.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of care provided in meeting client outcomes.
  • Modify client care as indicated by the evaluation of outcomes.
  • Use evidence-based information, collected electronically or through other means, to support clinical decision-making.

V.  Therapeutic Interventions:

  • Perform nursing skills competently.
  • Provide a safe physical and psychosocial environment for the client.
  • Demonstrate commitment toward the client, significant support person(s), peers and other members of the healthcare team.
  • Adapt care in consideration of the client’s values, customs, culture and/or habits.
  • Assist the client to achieve optimal comfort and functioning.

VI.  Teaching and Learning:

  • Develop an individualized teaching plan based on assessed needs.
  • Teach the client and family the information and skills needed to achieve desired learning outcomes.
  • Evaluate the progress of the client and family toward achievement of identified learning outcomes and modify as needed.

VII. Collaboration:

  • Coordinate the decision-making process with the client, family and other members of the healthcare team.
  • Cooperate with others to achieve client and organizational outcomes.
  • Collaborate with the client, family and other members of the healthcare team to evaluate progress toward achievement of outcomes.

VIII. Managing Care:

  • Prioritize client care.
  • Coordinate the implementation of an individualized plan of care.
  • Adapt provision of care to changing healthcare environments and management systems.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of current technologies.

Program Outcomes:

  • Eligible to take the Registered Nurse Licensing Examination (NCLEX-RN).
  • Capable of practicing as advanced beginners in the nursing profession.
  • Qualified for employment in the rapidly changing healthcare environment.

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