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Career Opportunities

Nuclear medicine studies make a difference in the care of patients and in the quality of patients’ lives. Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty that uses very small amounts of radioactive materials to diagnose and treat disease. Diagnostic nuclear medicine can provide information about the function of nearly every organ in the body. Nuclear medicine procedures often identify problems early in the disease process, long before they are apparent with other diagnostic tests. These studies are often used in conjunction with (CT) to provide three-dimensional views of organs and the location of problems within the organ.

Demand for nuclear medicine technologists in many healthcare settings - including hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices or imaging centers - is strong across the country.

The exciting and dynamic field of nuclear medicine is constantly changing and career opportunities continue to expand, providing job opportunities with competitive salaries and benefits. Nuclear medicine technologists may choose to specialize in PET scanning or nuclear cardiology. They may continue their education to obtain an advanced degree in pursuit of a career in education, management, or research.