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Radiologic Technology Program Objectives

The Radiologic Technology Program Objectives include fulfillment of the following program goals:

I. Graduates will demonstrate competency in performing radiographic procedures.

  • Students will demonstrate effective patient care.
  • Students will produce quality radiographic images.

II. Graduates will effectively communicate to provide quality patient care.

  • Students will effectively communicate with patients.
  • Students will effectively communicate with co-workers.

III. Graduates will demonstrate problem-solving and critical thinking skills to evaluate and address a variety of medical imaging situations.

  • Students will adjust routine techniques and positioning according to the needs of the patient.
  • Students will evaluate radiographic images.

IV. Graduates will demonstrate professional development and growth.

  • Students will explore advanced education or supplemental modalities of medical imaging.
  • Students will identify resources for professional development.

V. Graduates will achieve A.R.R.T. certification and become employed in medical imaging.

  • Students will successfully complete the program.
  • Graduates who are actively seeking employment will be employed in medical imaging.
  • Graduates will be satisfied with their education.
  • Employers will be satisfied with the proficiency and quality of graduates.