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MCHP is a not-for-profit institution of higher education located in the urban community of Lewiston/Auburn, Maine. Our campus is part of a vibrant community – the second largest metropolitan area in the state – with a rich French-Canadian heritage and history defined by textile mills and shoe shops powered by the Androscoggin River. The college is conveniently located to shopping areas, restaurants, breweries, theaters, colleges, churches, and plenty of Maine outdoor attractions. Beautiful beaches, sprawling trails, and ski resorts are all within easy driving distance.

Students enrolled in the College are primarily residents of Maine with the largest percentage coming from Androscoggin, Oxford, and Cumberland counties. The typical student population ranges in age, gender, and experience, adding great diversity to our everyday campus life.

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Schedule a campus visit and experience what MCHP has to offer by contacting the Admissions Office at: or 207-795-2840. We look forward to sharing what MCHP has to offer.


I’m so impressed by how we are taught. We’re in lectures one day, and the next day, we’re down in the lab, working hands-on.

The program is very interactive. It’s more than just sitting and taking in information; you are actually using it. I already feel very well prepared for when I go into nursing.

I left nursing school feeling ready to take on my career. MCHP provided me with all the tools necessary to be a safe nurse, to provide compassionate care, and to give educated and knowledgeable education to my patients and their loved ones. The faculty are excellent, and the student-centered environment was pivotal to my success. An excellent place to learn and grow!

My experience at MCHP is one that I owe my entire career. The different levels of experience that I received at every different clinical site was always educational and the technologists were very knowledgeable. I would not be the CT Technologist that I am today if it wasn’t for the exceptional technologists that taught me and the clinical instructors.