Tuition & Fees

MCHP does not have a set tuition rate and final tuition and fees varies depending on the number of credits in each program.  The total cost of the program can also vary depending upon transfer credits. More details can be found in the latest fee schedule.

Estimated Total Costs

Including tuition and fees, not including books and uniforms:

RN to BSN Program:  $21,875

Nursing ADN Program: $37,375

Nursing ADN Bridge Program $22,172

Practical Nursing Program: $20,550

Radiologic Technology Associate Degree Program: $38,525
Advanced Certificate in Computed Tomography: $8,170

Advanced Certificate in Mammography: $7,240
Advanced Certificate in Medical Diagnostic Sonography: $23,380

Accelerated BSMI: $23,435
Health Sciences: $25,465