Withdrawal & Refunds

Official Withdrawal from College

Withdrawal is defined as a student who gives official notification of their withdrawal to the Registrar after a semester begins. The student is withdrawing from all courses and leaving the College.

Students Wishing to Withdraw from MCHP

  • Must contact the Registrar
  • Should contact their Program Dean
  • Should submit the Student Status Change Form to the Registrar

Withdrawal is not considered official until the student has notified the Registrar. Until such notification, the student remains enrolled in the College and/or course and is responsible for fulfilling its academic and financial requirements.

Unofficial withdrawal from College/Course

Students must notify the Registrar when withdrawing from a course. If a student stops attending College or a course without notification, this will result in an unofficial withdrawal and a grade of “F” for the course. If a student receives a grade of “F” in a course, the College will determine if the student should be treated as an unofficial withdrawal or not.

If Federal financial aid is affected, the Financial Aid Office may need to make adjustments. Without official notification, the student will be considered unofficially withdrawn and an R2T4 calculation will be completed using a 50% mark in the semester to determine how much aid the student has earned and if any is to be returned to the Government.

Adding, Dropping & Withdrawing from a Course

Financial Aid Impact

Enrollment Status

Tuition Balances & Refunds