Academic Warning

Criteria for Warning

A student whose grade is below 2.0 (letter grade “C”) or whose clinical performance is below standard at mid-semester will be placed on academic warning.

Criteria for Warning Removal

At the end of the semester, the student’s performance will be evaluated. If the student’s grade is 2.0 or above and clinical performance meets standard, the warning status will be removed. A student may receive an academic warning more than once.

Student Dismissal

The College may dismiss, at any time, a student whose academic standing is not in compliance with the Scholastic Standards Policy. In most cases, students who are dismissed for academic reasons have previously been warned by the Course Coordinator or Director.

Dismissal for other than academic reasons may occur without prior warning. The decision to dismiss a student for other than academic reasons is made by the appropriate Director or designee, after consultation with referring faculty.

The student may appeal the dismissal by following the Student Fair Treatment Policy and Procedure.

Dismissals for other than academic reasons may include:
• Breach of patient confidentiality.
• Concealment of errors made during clinical assignments.
• Performing skills outside of their current role.
• Illicit use, possession or distribution of drugs or alcohol on campus.
• Possession of weapons on campus.
• Failure to follow College policies and procedures