PN 131

PN Nursing Care III

The focus of this course is to expand on concepts from the PN 121 course. There is a dedicated portion of this course that focuses on medical-surgical and pediatric care in a variety of healthcare settings. The nursing process, therapeutic communication, professionalism, and diverse patient needs are intertwined throughout the course. Addresses healthcare disorders as they correlate with pharmacology, pathophysiology, safe medication administration, nursing interventions, and evaluation of nursing care. Students will expand on clinical judgment, decision-making, and problemsolving skills in clinical practice with members of the interprofessional team. Further advance on NLN Competencies and nursing skills developed in the clinical setting. Students will continue to progress in Benner’s model of skill acquisition as competent PN. This course will review mental health, foundations of nursing care, lifespan development, and health disorders of infant and pediatric populations in preparation for the NCLEX-PN exam. Prerequisite: PN 121, PN 122, Corequisite: PN 132