MHT 115

Case Management & Ethical Practice in Community Mental Health

This comprehensive course on Case Management and Ethical Practice in Community Mental Health provides students with a deep understanding of the role of case managers within community settings, focusing on the support mechanisms available in the Maine community mental health system to promote community inclusion. Students explore the process of community inclusion as vital to enhancing personal well-being and learn to identify and utilize resources in mental health, substance abuse, behavioral health, employment, crisis intervention, and more, while ensuring effective linkages to these services. Additionally, students gain insight into ethical principles and professional conduct, including navigating dual relationships and securing informed consent. The course emphasizes empowerment strategies for consumers, self-care practices for professionals, and effective use of supervision to address ethical challenges. Students also learn the importance of sound documentation, collaboration with community members and professionals, and understanding the intersection of ethics with state and federal laws. Through interactive discussions and case studies, students emerge equipped to navigate the complexities of case management and ethical practice in community mental health settings.   Pre- or Co-requisite: PSY 101