PN 101

PN Nursing Care I

The focus of this course is to prepare the PN student to apply the nursing process to patient care situations, collect and organize pertinent data, identify problems and health needs throughout the
lifespan and developmental stages, and contribute to the interprofessional team in various healthcare settings. The novice PN student demonstrates the necessary competencies to care for patients with diverse health problems. Students will learn to assess expected and unexpected health problems, provide basic nursing care, and assist the registered nurse with maintaining and promoting health. Competencies and nursing skills are demonstrated in the laboratory setting using the NLN competencies and Benner’s model. The PN student will learn the theory and application of performing a physical assessment across the lifespan. Explore diverse cultures, spiritualities, and alternative therapies for communities. There is a focus on safe medication and pharmacological principles. Corequisite: PN 102