MHT 210

Trauma, Addiction, and Environment

This course explores the relationship between trauma, addiction, and environmental factors. The course will provide an in-depth understanding of how traumatic experiences can lead to addiction and how environmental factors can influence both trauma and addiction. Students will learn about the different types of trauma, including acute trauma and complex trauma, and how they can lead to substance use disorders. The course will also explore how environmental factors, such as poverty, social isolation, and discrimination, can contribute to trauma and addiction. Additionally, students will examine various treatment approaches, including trauma-focused therapy and harm reduction strategies, that can help individuals recover from trauma and addiction. They will also learn about the importance of creating safe and supportive environments for individuals who are struggling with trauma and addiction. Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to reflect on their own experiences and attitudes towards trauma and addiction and develop a greater understanding of the complexities of these issues. The course will also highlight the importance of addressing the root causes of addiction and trauma, such as social and economic inequality, and the need for a comprehensive, holistic approach to treatment and recovery. Pre-req MHT 100.