Entrance Exams

Most MCHP degree programs require an entrance exam. See the table below for the sections you will take for your program.

ProgramRequired SectionRequired SectionRequired SectionRequired SectionRequired Section
ADNReading ComprehensionGrammarVocabularyMathAnatomy & Physiology
BridgeReading ComprehensionGrammarVocabularyMathAnatomy & Physiology
Radiologic TechnologyReading ComprehensionGrammarVocabularyMathAnatomy & Physiology
PNReading ComprehensionGrammarVocabularyMath
Associates in Clinical Health SciencesReading ComprehensionGrammarVocabularyMath


HESI Entrance Exam information – Each section of the HESI exam is 55 questions. MCHP recommends a score of 80% correct or better..


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